City of Richmond, Virginia

Sherry Crewe - Capital Projects Manager 

City of Akron, Ohio

Jerome McCall - Technology & Innovation Manager 


Worth attending this conference. In just two days a lot of information, updates of the cutting-edge technology, innovation, and networking opportunity with many vendors and peers in a short time.
— Falguni Shah, Veridian Connections Inc
A great forum to see the latest technology as well as interacting with the vendors and seeing what our peers are implementing at their utility.
— Todd Garrett, Pioneer Electric Cooperative
The Smart Utility Summit is an outstanding opportunity to keep up with the latest trends in the electric industry. The combination of the boardroom presentations and the Solutions Showcase allow the utility partners to gather both high levels concepts and detailed information about a wide variety of service providers.
— Mark Brown, Fayetteville Public Works Commission
I enjoyed the Board Room presentations and was able to learn about some products, processes, and technology I may not have learned about in a normal vendor booth style set-up at a different conference. Plus, the members in my Board Room; Board Room 2, kept it fun, entertaining, and enjoyable the entire time!
— Nathan Bruns, City Utilities of Springfield
The board room format allows close contact with a variety of vendors allowing me to see many new products and/or services that I would not run across in my normal day-to-day schedule.
— Ken McGee, Joe Wheeler EMC
This holistic approach to smart grid technologies is the perfect environment for vendors, clients, and governmental entities to breech the information overload that comes with having a multitude of options and initiatives occurring so quickly in the industry. The gathering of experts in one location in a facilitated environment makes for the best atmosphere for decision makers to make decisions important to the direction of the industry.
— Kirk Warren, Alaska Energy Authority
A very informative and eye-opening summit this year. The speakers were straight forward and offered timely perspective into the utility industry.
— Kris Williams, Ozarks Electric Cooperative Corp.
I have attended multiple years of this event. The information the utilities have access to, in one location, is tremendous. It is a great place to learn what is out there for current and future Smart grid customers.
— Roger Gough, West Ky Rural Electric Coop.
The Summit gave me the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with a large number of vendors in two days who were very clear and concise in their presentations of their products. I would highly recommend this event to other utility executives.
— Brad Hicks, Habersham EMC
I found the format to be very beneficial. It allowed the participants to gain a clear and concise understanding of the vendor’s solutions in managed presentation. This then allowed participants to schedule follow up discussions with only targeted vendors.
— Bob Sandberg, Wright Hennepin Electric
The rapid-fire/speed-dating approach for vendor presentations in the Board Room sessions was different approach than other similar conferences. It was a good & efficient way to see a large number of vendors in a short period of time. I personally liked the approach.
— Bill Menge, Evergy / Kansas City Power & Light
The boardroom sessions were excellent. The small group settings and fast pace maintained interest and focus. Interacting with other utilities of similar size allowed new and similar ideas to be discussed.
— Richard Baldwin, City of Lawrenceville
This is a great event. It allows you or your utility to get in front of vendors that may or may not fit into your utilities business model or may help your utility accomplish goals that have been set. Seeing new products are always great to review and bring back information to the appropriate personnel at the utility.
— Ryan Marquette, Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative
I found the Summit to be an intense, yet highly informative representation of the major technological changes required in the utility industry. (If it is to keep pace with the changing environment.) This allowed me to give further thought on how to go about disrupting yourself before you are disrupted.
— Joan Bourne, Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd.
The “Smart Technology” is far more advanced than I realized. Eye opening to say the least. The Summit was a great experience and allowed me to walk away with a lot of knowledge and insight.
— Cheryl Allen, Oklahoma Electric Cooperative


Excellently orchestrated by your group, the group sessions were great and very informative. I always walk away with a different perspective and a new learning experience also a great networking opportunity.
— Frank Cervone, Senior Network Engineer, Chicopee Electric Light, MSGS17
The Municipal Smart Grid Summit was an excellent event. The vendors presentations were high quality and focused.
— Jodee Vick, Electric Engineering Supervisor, Decatur Utilities, MSGS17
The Board Room approach was an effective way to introduce a broad spectrum of Utility functions and solutions. Friendly environment for working on vendor relationships.
— Matt Cragg, Supervisor of Radio/Cable, Board of Public Utilities, MSGS17
I enjoyed the 2017 Municipal Smart Grid Summit. As a municipality, it gives you the opportunity to meet vendors and see what each vendor has to offer without being pressured. The Summit is a great place to network with other utilities to discuss.
— Bridjette Parker, Engineer II, City of Newport News, MSGS17
This was the second MSGS I have attended and I learn more and more at each event. The Boardroom sessions are the best method to learn of the latest technologies that I have experienced over my 30-year career.
— Jimmy Norman, Director of Utility Operations, Albany Utilities, MSGS16
Excellent opportunity to strengthen your knowledge about Smart Grid technology, and how the electric utility industry should be preparing now to meet customer expectations for today and the near future.
— Jim Weeks, Michigan Municipal Electric Association, MSGS16
It was like speed dating. Very informative but not boring. Great way to be introduced to multiple products.
— Yvette Fields, Albany Utilities, MSGS16
The MSGS was fast paced and packed with information that will allow utilities to make informed decisions about the direction they need/choose to go. The presentations by vendors gave the utilities options that they may not have known about. The ability to network with other Municipalities was extremely useful in discussing both successes and failures of SG implementation.
— Jim Belcher, Engineer, Morristown Utility Systems
The Municipal Smart Grid Summit experience was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. Also there was no out of pocket expense for anything. Let me know if I can help out in any way. I would also be delighted to attend the next summit. Thank you.
— David White, Director of Meters, City of Claremore Electric
Of all the Smart Grid events I have attended (both personally and virtually), MSGS supplied the most information from relevant vendors in the shortest amount of time. I was fully engaged from beginning to end - there was no wasted time. I recommend MSGS to any municipal considering or operating an AMI or Smart Grid system.
— Michael Meek, CIO, Lawrenceburg Utility Systems
The Municipal Smart Grid Summit was by far the best show I have ever attended.
— Don Hollingsworth, General Manager, Holly Springs Utility Department
Very seldom will you find one place where you can learn from and interact with the industry’s leaders, as well as the networking opportunities were invaluable too!
— Bret Reid, Director of Engineering, City of Piqua, Ohio Power System
I could not have imagined an event better planned and better executed. The event was a stellar example of an outstanding plan and flawless execution.
— Paul Kalv, President, Florida Municipal Electric Association & Electric Director, City of Leesburg Florida
I was asked what I thought the value was to me as this was my second year attending…I would compare it to watching a movie over, you catch more each time you watch it. I was able to focus on details more this time as I had a grasp of general concepts. It was not so overwhelming this time, allowing me to dig deeper into topics of specific interest.
— Dan Cook, Director of Electric, City of Highland
Great to see so many vendors in a short time. Worth the use of your time to learn about a lot of technologies and information in two days. You cannot find anything better than this.
— Falguni Shah, Acting Vice President – Operations, Veridian Connections Inc., MSGS17
The boardroom atmosphere left little time for the pressure of the old “How many can I put you down for?”. I was presented with a very concise overview of the newest trends and technologies, and then left to pursue only the ones that would have the greatest impact on my organization.
— Stephen Justice, Electric Meter Technician III, Lakeland Electric, MSGS17
This conference provides us smaller utilities with valuable information on where our industry is heading. The vendors understand our business and bring innovated technology to us that is extremely relevant. Like the phrase, “you don’t know what you don’t know”; we may have not found these on our own
— Lynn McKinstry, Manager, Electric System Operations, Lansing Board of Water and Light, MSGS17
The Summit was a great opportunity to see the latest developments in Smart Grid Technology. Very fast pace with high energy presenters. Great opportunity to network with other Utility leaders, and vendors, interested in Smart Grid investment.
— Mark Rothmier, Engineering Supervisor, Independence Power & Light, MSGS16
I like the fact of the diversity of products and services and some new products.
— Mark Latham, City of Highland, MSGS16
It’s always a great opportunity to be exposed to the innovators in the electrical utility industry.
— Rick McKinley, Kirkwood Electric, MSGS16
The MSGS “boardroom approach” to vendor presentations was a new experience for me, and one I found to be very effective. The 25-minute time limit forced the vendors to distill their messages down to the essential key points. This allowed the utility representatives to easily determine which vendor they were most interested in learning more about during the afternoon Showcase. I was very impressed with the entire conference, and have already told other utility executives how valuable I found the experience to be.
— Ed Black, Senior Vice President, Knoxville Utilities Board
The Municipal Smart Grid Summit boardroom format eliminated all the chit-chat, do-nothing stuff you normally get and made the vendors get down to the nuts and bolts of what they were presenting. The small group/boardroom sizes of 8-10 utility executives lead to more genuine and personalized responses from each of the vendors. It wasn’t rehearsed like they normally are in larger group settings. For Municipals that passed on the opportunity: You blew it! You should have been here.
— Guy Chang, Electricity Meter Manager, Spanish Fork City
I appreciate the concise nature of the presentations and sticking to the schedule. The method seems to be a good use of the time available and there is plenty of time for follow up during the showcase.
— Chance Briscoe, Northwest Rural Public Power District, MSGS16
The MSGS provided a very useful and broad ranging set of potential applications for the utility of the future!
— Glenn Steiger, Alameda Municipal Power, MSGS16
Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had in Bonita Springs attending the Municipal Smart Grid Summit. Everything was absolutely FIRST CLASS!! This was my first time ever attending this type of event. The format was unbelievably efficient and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. Again, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for putting in the time and effort to make this such a fine summit. Hope to see you all again soon!
— Bret Reid, Engineering Manager, Piqua Power System
This has been the most jam packed event that I have ever attended…If you have any interest in Smart Grid; you need to attend one of these shows. This is where you will learn what you need to know.
— Leon Daggett, Power & Light Director, Independence Power & Light
The 2012 Summit was my first opportunity to attend. The Smart Grid is New Technology in Southeast Colorado so the educational information will be of great value as I make my goals through the next few years. I would also like to bring our Director of the Water Department next year so he may be educated what AMI could offer him through water meters.
— Ron Clodfelter, Superintendent, Las Animas Municipal Light & Power
The Smart Grid Summit gives you valuable exposure to a window into the future through interactions with other industry and utility leaders.
— Lynn Mills, General Manager, Loudon Utilities
In the 10 years I have been in the utility industry, this is by far the best event I have ever attended. The format, the content, the amount of information and the delivery method is a fresh new approach on allowing a utility to be exposed to a vast wealth of information. This is the one-stop event to learn about and expand the Smart Grid movement in our nation.
— Matthew Jones, Information Technology Director, Hannibal Board of Public Works, Hannibal Missouri
I have attended several Summits and found each one to be an extremely profitable experience. The ability to introduced to over 15 products and services in a two day period is simply unmatched.
— Doug Peters, President, TVPPA, MSGS17
This was a great opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals that were in various stages of smart grid adoption and get real lessons learned.
— John Hines, Electric Department Asst Manager, Easton Utilities, MSGS17
Due to the wide variety of vendors and utilities from all over, MSGS gave me a comprehensive view of what’s going on with the technology of the industry.
— Joseph Wigington, Electrical Engineering Associate, Erwin Utilities, MSGS17
I attend various utility conferences all across the nation and the MSGS format is by far my favorite. As a utility attendee I am able to gain exposure to the newest product lines and hear testimony from peers in the industry. In 2016 the MSGS development team made some great schedule changes that perfected the pace of the conference.
— Andy Wendell, Chelan County PUD, MSGS16
I attended the Summit to get the information I need to make the best decision for my City concerning the need to modernize our meter reading and data collection systems. The Summit supplied all that to me and I will be sending some of my key staff to future Summit’s if possible.
— Lawrence Heinrich, City of Castroville, TX, MSGS16
I really enjoyed the focus of this year’s MSGS. Big data has presented itself as both an opportunity and a challenge to Utilities. After the conference, I walked away with great information on products that would help us tame this new frontier.
— Robert Smith, Colorado Springs Utilities, MSGS16
MSGS provides access to great information and a format to have one on one vendor conversations. The networking opportunities are endless, providing something for every municipal regardless of where you are in the process.
— Mark Johnston, Anchorage Municipal Light & Power, MSGS16
MSGS provided a unique experience to talk with other Municipal utilities that are in various stages of an AMI implementation to find out what they would have done differently if given the chance to do it over again. That along with the vast knowledge provided by the vendors in the Boardrooms and vendor showcase proves to be a tremendous amount of information to get any utility pointed in the right direction.
— Adam Webster, Power System Planner, Bay City Electric & Light
When we were approached to attend the Municipal Smart Grid Summit, I thought it was going to be more of a sales pitch from the vendors and it hasn’t been like that at all. It’s really been informative with how the boardrooms are set up and I’m really glad I came. I got a lot of information while I was here that will help me as I go back home and look at the meters we have already purchased.
— Ronnie Grace, Electric Director, Sanger Electric Utilities
This event has been great for small cities like ours to learn about different technologies that are available for our municipal. We are getting ready to look at different smart grid applications and I wish I had this opportunity earlier, before going into our budget session.
— Harold Thompson, Mayor, City of Union
It was the most informative event I’ve attended in years. Well organized and first class service. Well done!
— Kent Houpe, Assistant Director of Electric Utilities, City of Statesville
The Smart Grid Summits break the barriers between sales pitch and functionality in a practical environment. Congratulations!
— Eddie Jackson, Director Engineering & Operations, Fayetteville Public Utilities
The Smart Grid Summits are a great time to focus upon, follow up, and understand where the industry is headed.
— Ron Beck, Network Engineer, Central Lincoln PUD


“Being a 1st time attendee, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The SWS gave me the opportunity to discover resources and brands that I never knew existed, because they aren’t “who we always use”. The boardroom presentation atmosphere worked for me as I didn’t feel pressured or cornered by a salesperson. There were several opportunities to network and meet industry peers from all over the USA and Canada. If invited back, I will definitely attend.
— Bill Kasper, Customer Service Manager, North Penn Water Authority, SWS18
The most valuable benefits of the conference were access to all the manufacturers in one location; and exposure to equipment that I would not normally explore had I not seen the demonstration by the vendor. For example, Mission SCADA has a monitoring device that can send power outage alerts (among many other useful alerts) when a lift station loses power. This is a very useful application that will help prevent sanitary sewer overflows at a lift stations during long power outages.
— Maritza Rivera-Clapp, Director, Customer Field and Meter Services, Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), SWS18
The Summit introduced materials and concepts that we haven’t used. The presentations were insightful and educational. The products introduced are top tier for utilities.
— Karen Harrell, Engineering Technical Supervisor, Chesapeake Public Utilities, SWS18
I was very impressed by the high energy atmosphere of the boardroom presentations, and the way the agenda was laid out to build on each presentation
— Rusty Reeves, Deputy Director, Louisiana Rural Water Association, SWS18
It opened my eyes to some new and exciting products that will enhance our business. I would not know of these products without the Summit.
— John Neilson, Administrator, DeSoto Parish Waterworks District #1, SWS18
This was my second time attending. I very much enjoyed the entire conference. The boardrooms did not disappoint, and the after-meal presentations were very informative. The evening social events were very nice and gave us a chance to network. All around an excellent experience.
— Nicole Bates, Customer Services Manager, Mount Pleasant Waterworks, SWS18
The Smart Water Summit provided access to impressive smart water vendors from AMI, CIS, GIS, and understanding how to use all the data.
— Brian Schade, WaterOne, SWS17
Well organized conference. Informative and great to meet with others going through similar processes.
— Michelle Hackett, Mount Pleasant Waterworks, SWS17
I enjoy this event. It is an efficient way to get exposed to what is happening in the water meter industry. 20 presentations in 2 days and opportunity to talk with other Utilities.
— Benjamin Groeneweg, City of Fort Wayne, SWS17
This year’s summit was exploding with information. If you left empty-handed or unimpressed, you might want to consider a new career path.
— Lucille Phillips, Fayetteville Public Works Commission, SWS16
I was very impressed by the quality of the presentation, especially the ones where they are not trying to sell the product but showing applications and how the product has helped.
— Dave Cruz, Dallas Water Utility, SWS16
The Smart Water Summit is an effective and useful forum where water utility professionals and leading water industry vendors gather from all over the country to discuss the best available technology that can dramatically improve both operational and business processes.
— Ryan Gabriel, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, SWS16
This is a very unique conference experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. The unique format made for fast paced informative days. Walking into an expo at a national conference can be overwhelming and time consuming. The presentation and showcase model for the Summit was the exact opposite- time well spent and a great opportunity for meeting with vendors you want to build a relationship with.
— Nicole Bates, Mount Pleasant Waterworks, SWS16
Information packed experience that I would recommend to any Utility. The best conference I have experienced in 23 years in the industry.
— Franco Lucarelli, Director of Utilities, City of Warren, Ohio Water Dept., SWS18
The 25 min. limit on presentations was great, it gave you the opportunity to speak with the vendors that really interested you at the show.
— Danny Doyle, Chief Inspector/Meter and System Control Supervisor, Clinton Township Water & Sewer, SWS18
This was an awesome summit as always, I have been multiple times and always see new products. The world we live in today technology changes by the weeks, not years. This summit does a really good job bringing in all the new technologies to present to you. It may not be that you’re ready to implement anything new at the moment but one day you will be, and thanks to the summit you are more educated on the newer technologies. I also enjoy the networking, talking to people around the USA about their challenges with their utility even in different regions you can relate and learn from one another mistakes.”
— Cole Fesmire, Public Works Director, City of Olive Branch Mississippi, SWS18
This conference has the best format for providing utilities with a vast amount of options and technologies in a short period of time.
— Jerry McInarnay, Meter Specialist Foreman, Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), SWS18
The summit was exceptional and very informative about innovative technology. The presentations were great! I would highly recommend this for anyone in the utility fields.
— Steven Duchesne, Superintendent of Operations and Safety, Lowell Regional Water Utility – SWS18
“This summit was very well run. I liked the in and out time of the various vendors; I kept my attention; not once did it seem like time was dragging. I also like the fact the you had different vendors for the same product. It provided a nice comparison. looking forward to next year!
— Marty Jurish, Water Distribution and Metering Manager, City of Bay City, SWS18
You get to meet your peers and discuss common issues. SWS provides technological tools/idea I can use with my own company’s strategic plan.
— Ken Tcheng, General Manager, Sunny Slope Water Company, SWS18
It was nice to see a shorter presentation where the vendors really had to be on their “A” game. I found out I got a lot more out of the shorter presentations than I have with the same vendors at other conferences. Plus, most of the vendors were relevant to what our utility is looking for or working with currently.
— Josh Wedding, Water Utilities Manager, Redmond Water Utility, SWS18
Great opportunities to discuss with other utilities on what challenges they are facing and their approaches or direction of planning.
— Anil Gosine, Program Manager, Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, SWS18
This summit was great. I learned a lot of things that I did not know was out there to help the utilities get to the next level. Definitely looking forward to next year’s summit.
— Scott VanderMolen, Utilities Supervisor Water Distribution, City of Palmetto, SWS18
Very fast boardroom setting making the presenters get right to the point and if it is interesting to you; you can seek them out at the expo or during the networking or dinner events.
— Jeff Rudd, City of Rochester Hills, SWS 17
This is the most organized group making the best use of my time and helping me connect with companies that help me make positive changes to our water system.
— Lee Pope, Fayette County Water System, SWS 17
This is a great way to learn about new technologies and vendors and network with your colleagues from around the country.
— David Wallenstein, East Bay Municipal Utility District, SWS17
I was initially skeptical about the benefits of attending an event that was “all expense paid”, but after taking the chance and attending, I would recommend this Summit to anyone considering Smart Water technologies at their utility. The time spent with vendors was productive not tedious. The contacts made with other utility executives will provide benefits for years to come. And the general atmosphere was one of collaboration and celebration of the water industry. The information I learned at the 2016 SWS will lead Capital Region Water to improvements to operations, compliance and customer service - helping us to meet our mission of dedication to customer satisfaction and stewardship of our community’s water systems from raindrop to river.
— Shannon Williams, Capital Region Water, SWS16
The SWS provides a unique opportunity to meet with many vendors and utilities in a short time period. I learned about vendors and technologies I would never run across in my day to day job but yet provide services that could be very useful to me. It also allows me to network with my peers from around the country and make lasting relationships that will be very beneficial to my company.
— David Wallenstein, EBMUD, SWS16
The Summit is the most effective and efficient show/conference/workshop I have ever been to in over two decades. The interactions between suppliers and utility participants were excellent.
— Jack Wang, Louisville Water Co., SWS16
This summit presented the latest technologies to the decision makers for utilities across the nation. Fantastic information obtained to share with staff.
— Chris Sharek, Southwest Florida Utilities, SWS16
This is the best place to get exposed to a large variety of Smart Technology for Municipalities. The fast-paced structure allows us learn what is available and new in this ever-changing market.
— Raymond Hoppenworth, Water Distribution Superintendent, City of Lakeland Water Utilities, SWS18
The amount of new technology presented, and expertise of the vendors provided hands down the best conference I have ever attended. Very well organized and executed.
— Chris Sharek, President, Southwest Florida Utilities, SWS18
SWS18 was an amazing one-stop learning experience. In a few short days, I had the opportunity to meet water utility vendors, learn about smart technology, and network with fellow industry colleagues. An efficient use of time to keep up on the latest information that will benefit my utility greatly!
— Sharon Whaley, Water Resources Specialist, San Jose Water Company, SWS18
Smart Water Summit is one of the best shows I attend! The format provides a great educational experience, fosters communication among Utility peers and vendors, and is an excellent use of my valuable time away from the office.
— Heather Pohl, Manager, Technology Implementations & Business Process Improvement, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, SWS18
A tremendous opportunity to learn from other utilities of all sizes from around the country. Learning how to leverage social media to create a customer-driven utility will help us engage with our customers to better meet their needs.
— Jose Reynoso, Director of Utilities, City of Sierra Madre, SWS18
The summit is a quick and efficient way to see what is going on in the water sector around smart initiatives. I have met consultants, vendors, and contractors that the Utility has had great conversations with.
— Benjamin Groeneweg, Utility Asset Management & Engineering Services, Fort Wayne City Utilities, SWS18
The Summit provided the opportunity for in-depth discussions with a broad spectrum of technology experts, consultants, and fellow utility managers. These discussions provided an efficient and effective learning experience within a very well managed schedule and great venue.
— Chuck Faulkner, Madison County Water, SWS17
Great conference that allows me to take the time and focus on our direction for the next few years and develop a plan for how we will collect and utilize data to manage the performance of our systems. This allows us to leverage technology as a means of continuous process improvement and enhancement and determine where our utility can and should be in the next planning horizon.
— Deirdre Blackard, Rockdale Water Resources, SWS17
This Summit is a great way of seeing what is new to the industry, particularly with regards to technology.
— Cloyd "Flip" Mellinger, Pasco County Utilities, SWS17
I felt the time structure was well prepared and allowed enough time to determine if the product would be of interest to your organization and did not waste time in long sales pitches.
— Amy Foster, City of Gardner Kansas, SWS17
This is an excellent opportunity to see and learn what multiple vendors offer in a single event. The design allows for direct interaction and questions related to my utility that is not possible in other venues.
— Raymond Hoppenworth, City of Lakeland – Water Utilities, SWS16
Perfect forum for total immersion into the newest technology available.
— Ron Harris, Newport News Waterworks, SWS16
What I love about the summits is the ability to spend face to face time with many different vendors and then speak about those solutions with my utility peers.
— Angie Thoma, Colorado Springs Utilities, SWS16
I appreciated the opportunity to learn about new technologies available to the market, and also new vendors in the market. Also, the networking was exceptional.
— Robert Day, San Jose Water Company, SWS16


The Summit provides an opportunity to view the latest ideas on the market. You can also visit with employees from other utilities and learn from their experiences.
— Michael Dowdy, Staking Tech, Central Electric Membership, RSGS17
I like this summit because if you’re looking for something, it is at this summit. There’s very little sales pressure, just what they can provide for you.
— Jerrel Olson, Member Service Manager, Traverse Electric Coop, RSGS17
I think the RSGS is an event that must be attended by any rural utility. It provides a platform to help make decisions on the path of smart grid installation and helps by having vendors available across a wide variety of fields to help our utility.
— Alan Wattles, President/CEO, Monroe County Electric Co-Operative
I really like the 25 minutes sessions. That amount of time keeps everyone’s attention along with giving the presenter enough time to hit the topics needed.
— Jamie Bell, Director of Engineering, NineStar Connect, RSGS17
The structured agenda was exactly what is needed to keep attendees focused and on schedule. Very positive experience.
— Jim Wallace, Director of Operations and Engineering, Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative, RSGS17
This was a fast-paced yet effective way to find the solutions to our needs.
— Cesar Alvarez Rosado, Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, RSGS16
This is a great format to be introduced to new and exciting technologies to move our utility forward into the future.
— Mike Bristol, Engineering & Operations Manager,Electrical District #2, RSGS17
I love the format of the Smart Grid Summits. In the past, I rarely had the opportunity to hear a vendor’s pitch the way they intended it. It saves me a great deal of time trying to figure out what products a vendor has and what problems they can help me solve.
— Corey Willis, Tipmont REMC, RSGS16
The Rural Smart Grid Summit provided a great opportunity to see the kinds of technology and services emerging around the Smart Grid. It is a no pressure, casual atmosphere where you can talk to vendors and your peers not only about technological developments, but also other trends that we are seeing in the industry.
— Steve Wolfrom, Vice President of Member Services, Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative (CHELCO)
The RSGS was well organized and provided the right amount of information in the right amount of time.
— Larry A. Cisneros, Manager of Engineering, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Inc.
The RSGS provides the energy mall of products and services that co-op representatives cannot miss.
— Mark Glaess, Manager, Minnesota Rural Electric Assn.
The RSGS is a great event to learn and evaluate smart grid technologies in a structured, low pressure environment. The opportunity to network with peers from across the country who are also focused on using technology to benefit the Cooperative memberships is extremely valuable.
— Jeremy Richert, Director of Engineering, Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative
RSGS was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. This is the first time I have ever been able to interact with so many different vendors during the same conference.
— Greg McKelfresh, Senior Vice President of Business Technology, South Central Indiana REMC
The Rural Smart Grid Summit was a great experience. It’s a fantastic forum for networking with other utilities experts that face many of the same challenges that we do. It is also great to talk with other industry professionals and find out about new technology by speaking directly with the vendors.
— James Foote, IT Systems Manager, Otsego Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Great opportunity to see new technology in a very quick format. Boardroom sessions give the individual the opportunity to see if a product will work for them. Great networking with others around the country (GM’s, IT, Engineering, etc.)
— Eddie Oldham, Manager of Engineering, Central EMC
The amount of ideas you get from others who are in the same situation as you is extremely helpful.
— Brad Essenmacher, Member Service and Marketing Manager, Thumb Electric Cooperative
The overall experience I had was great! The resort was gorgeous, the food was just amazing and I learned a lot. We are now considering a few of the vendors who were at the summit that offer more than what we currently have, or what we were considering. This is an excellent way to compare vendors and what they offer before making a decision as to which one will provide the service that you need.
— Melissa Sherfick, Western Cooperative Electric
This summit provides more information in two days then you would normally learn in months.
— Martin Dahl, General Manager/CEO, McLean Electric Cooperative
This was an exceptional meeting with the opportunity to listen to presentations from the top technology providers in our industry. Also, an opportunity to network with our peers to hear about real world applications of these technologies is very helpful. Hope to be back next year! Thanks!
— Kory Johnson, General Manager, Agralite Electric Cooperative
It’s nice to be able to see all the technology at one place and hear from several different vendors on its capabilities.
— Lloyd Parks, Manager of Technology and IS, Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative
Well done and very informative!
— Charles Phillips, Vice President of Engineering, Gibson EMC
Attending the SGS helped our Cooperative in planning the next steps we should take in advancing our smart grid.
— Dan Rodamaker, CEO, Gibson Electric Member Corporation
The SGS environment was rich in Vendors and experienced peers. The presentations were casual and low pressure, yet informative. The vendors and peers seemed only too glad to share information and nobody was left behind.
— James Bridges, Vice President of Engineering, Owen Electric
The Smart Grid Summits are informative, very well organized and it is fun to participate.
— Yinuo Du, Lead Analytics Manager, Florida Power and Light
This venue allowed me to hear and learn about products I probably would not have bothered stopping at in a normal trade show. The summit was well organized and exceeded my expectations
— Jeff Britnell, Director of Engineering, Joe Wheeler EMC, RSGS17
The RSGS is a great vehicle for experiencing the latest in technology and new operating ideas for energy efficiency and electrical system improvement in general.
— Steve Wattnem, CEO, Cooperative Light & Power, RSGS17
It is a great place to see a wide variety of vendors to see what is new in the field. It is also a great place to meet your peers and see what strategy’s they are implementing.
— Ronnie Miller, Manager of Production, Crisp County Power Commission, RSGS17
The venue was very nice, vendors were thorough but not overbearing, and participants seemed well matched with vendors/technologies most applicable to their roles.
— Ben Thomason, Senior VP of Corporate and Energy Services, Central Georgia EMC, RSGS17
The RSGS is amazing. Peers and suppliers attended from companies just like ours and with the solutions we need. The information I received from all was priceless.
— Rich Eisterhold, Communications Supervisor, Three Rivers Electric Coop
This was my second time to attend and same as before I really enjoy the boardroom presentations because they cut out the non-sense and get straight to the point.
— Kerry Davis, Tallahatchie Valley EPA, RSGS16
As I have stated in the past, this is the best conference I have ever attended and the staff goes out of their way for each attendee!.
— John Spencer, Vice President- Metering, Oklahoma Electric Coop, RSGS17
The RSGS is the best event of the year!
— Shane Hermetz, Assistant Manager, Egyptian Electric Cooperative
By having the Boardroom Sessions set to 25 minutes, it requires the vendor to choose wisely what they present. If I had an interest in their solution I had time to discuss it in more detail during the other events.
— Tim Cammack, Owen Electric, RSGS16
The RSGS was the most exceptional event I have attended in years. The staff running the day to day operations was second to none! The data covered at the summit was presented in a clear and concise way. An opportunity to discuss detailed information was also provided through a vendor showcase after presentations were given. Truly a fantastic event!
— Steve Breidenbach, Engineering Manager, Nodak Electric Cooperative
RSGS was an intense, two and a half days absorbing the latest technologies in the electric utility industry.
— Richard Kent, President, Arkent LLC
The RSGS is a great event to learn and evaluate smart grid technologies in a structured, low pressure environment. The opportunity to network with peers from across the country who are also focused on using technology to benefit the Cooperative memberships is extremely valuable.
— Jeremy Richert, Director of Engineering, Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative
RSGS was an exceptional balance of smart grid strategy by industry leaders, smart grid solutions by quality vendors and networking with our electric utility peers. Great job!
— David Schleicher, Vice President of Engineering & Operations, EnergyUnited EMC
The format of the Rural Smart Grid Summit is entirely unique. In a short period of time, I received a broad understanding of the Smart Grid environment from the perspective of various portions of the industry.
— Alan Schott, V.P. of Finance & Accounting, Baldwin EMC
The RSGS was an excellent event to share information on successes and failures of implementing smart grid projects. Vendors provided a wide range of available products and upcoming technologies. Fellow peers provided the real life examples and road blocks which have they’ve experienced firsthand.
— Seth Syverson, Manager of Engineering, Northern Plains Electric Cooperative
Most conferences and trade shows do not provide the level of opportunity the RSGS provided to be exposed to a variety of available technologies and to ask detailed questions of each vendor in a small atmosphere.
— David Smart, President & CEO, West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative
This was an opportunity to concentrate on the bottom line facts and cut the fluff. One vendor hit the nail on the head and we will be implementing their product right away.
— Jerry Williams, General Manager & CEO, Lamar Electric Cooperative
One of the most beneficial meetings I have attended. By keeping the presentations brief, I was able to gain the maximum understanding of a large number of vendors and what they offered.
— Syd Briggs, General Manager, Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric
The summit was an efficiently run event providing useful information with the latest technology dealing with smart grid applications being utilized within the industry.
— Steve Rasmussen, CEO/GM, Adams Electric Coop
Having relevant vendors, representing the latest in Smart Grid technologies, in one place to present their offerings to cooperative personnel that may or may not realize they exist, is the core reason to attend. You are given the opportunity to get an overview of what a vendor offers, then time to engage one-on-one to obtain in-depth information as it pertains to you and your utility’s needs.
— Craig Cramer, Manager of Information Systems, Western Cooperative Electric
It was a good opportunity to expand my knowledge of smart grid technology and to understand where our industry is headed. Depending on the needs of a particular utility, this is a good place to meet the right vendors who are on the cutting edge of what’s available and what’s viable for your organization.
— Allan Sharrett, Communications Director, Southside Electric Cooperative
I found the networking with peers to be the most helpful in sharing their experience with smart grid technologies that I was interested in exploring.
— Bob Perry, GM, Brown-Atchison Electric Cooperative
I had the opportunity to meet and learn about vendors I might never have been exposed to otherwise, a couple of which I will be following up with in the near future.
— Carrie Peters, Vice President of IT/IS, Jones-Onslow EMC
I was quite surprised at the amount of information exchanged regarding such a wide variety of technologies in such a short amount of time.
— Johnnie Davis, IT Manager, Matanuska Electric Association, Inc.
Very good short course on applicable technology.
— Richard Didion, Manager Engineering & Operations, Cuivre River Electric
The Smart Grid Summits are an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face with vendors to gain information & direction for upcoming smart grid projects.
— Dan Weaver, System Engineer, Southern Pine Electric Cooperative, Inc.
I really enjoyed the event. We work hard during the day and it was very fun at the end of the day. I would have to say that this was the most interactive event I have been too.
— Russell O'Neal, SCADA Admin, Canoochee EMC
The Summit was an excellent opportunity to gain insight as to what technology and products are available in the market place. Additionally, I really valued the opportunity to network with my peers and get their feedback on smart grid technology that they have implemented at their cooperatives.
— Brad Wilson, Manager of Engineering, Clarke Electric
Very informative and action packed. It was interesting seeing the vendors in 25min presentations…they either caught your attention or completely missed it.
— Jon Schulte, Engineering Manager, Co-Mo Electric
The small group format was really good. As the folks in my group became acquainted with each other they become even more comfortable in discussing issues with vendors. The ensuing conversations become very interesting
— Dave Atwood, Manager of Engineering, Medina Electric Cooperative, RSGS17
This years summit brought some outstanding insights and exposure into the utility space. The speakers were able to capture new ideas in order for the participants to re-evaluate their current processes.
— – Kris Williams, Manager of Energy Services, Ozarks Electric Cooperative Corp., RSGS17
The Rural Smart Grid Summit is one of the best conferences I attend all year. The perfect venue to bring power personnel and vendors together.
— Steve Breidenbach, Engineering Manager, Nodak Electric Coop, RSGS17
This is a great format to learn a tremendous amount in a short time. It also provides high level contacts in the areas of interest for my company within the smart grid environment. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.
— Martin Dahl, McLean Electric Cooperative, RSGS16
I truly believe the Rural Smart Grid Summit is one of the best conferences I have ever attended in my +30 year career in the Cooperative world. A lot of information is given to the attendees in the two days but with the Boardroom set up and the 25 minute vendor presentations, it keeps the day very interesting and not boring with hour or two hour presentations.
— John Spencer, Vice President, Metering, Oklahoma Electric Cooperative
The summit is the best way I’ve found to meet numerous, quality vendors at one site.
— Jerrel Olson, Traverse Electric Cooperative, RSGS16
The RSGS was a great forum for interacting with vendors and peers on the newest technology. It was the most informative and well executed technology event I have ever attended.
— Todd Garrett, Manager of Engineering, Pioneer Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
The RSGS was one of the most informative industry events in which I have ever participated. The vendors to which I was exposed were picked for me based on my interests, which made the entire event extremely worthwhile.
— Tim Sweeney, Network and System Administrator, Callaway Electric Cooperative
The Rural Smart Grid Summit is an efficient way to gather information from various vendors who are connected to the smart grid while networking with counterparts at other electric utilities about smart gird products, services and operations.
— Kevin Hurd, Manager of Member Services, Cuivre River Electric Cooperative
At RSGS I found the latest information and industry experts all in the same room and gained more information in two days than I could have in two months on my own.
— Ernest "Bucky" Jakins, Jr., CEO, Baldwin EMC
I was very pleased with the format, content and operation of the RSGS. Very good sharing of up-to-date information.
— Todd Pealock, CEO, Habersham EMC
The Rural Smart Grid Summit presents the latest technology in a manner that allows for the most efficient use of scheduling. Time is allowed for direct contact with vendors in order to discuss specific applications with individual distribution systems.
— George Weaver, President/CEO, Central Georgia EMC
The overall experience was incredible. It was almost too much information in a couple of days, but gave us ideas and contacts that we will follow up with in the coming months.
— Chadd Jenkins, COO, Tipmont REMC
While the format is very intensive the learning opportunities were boundless. Interactions with industry, regulatory leaders and peers were invaluable.
— Michael Calvo, Database Administrator, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative
Being a first time participant, it was very informative. We are not involved with any AMI but are looking at different vendors so we can reach this goal in the near future.
— Tom Schimenti, Purchasing Manager, Loup Valleys Rural Public Power District
The summit was well organized and our time spent was well utilized.
— Hamid Vahdatipour, CEO, Lake Region Electric Cooperative, Inc.
The amount of information I took in at the Summit would’ve taken me weeks or months to acquire through other loosely structured conferences. The focused networking opportunities have given me a group of peers I can call on to share experiences and ideas so we can help each other out and avoid pitfalls in our smart grid programs.
— Archie Lopez, Director System Maintenance, Pedernales Electric Cooperative
The Smart Grid Summit is a great opportunity to interact with vendors in a small setting. Very educational.
— Linda LaTourelle, IT Manager, East Central Energy
The Smart Grid Summits have valuable and informative vendors & speakers! Great one on one discussions and group discussions!
— Mike Warmbrodt, System Technology Coordinator, Consolidated Electric Cooperative
Vendor’s information is driven to you within a short amount of time which gives you the opportunity to tune out what is irrelevant and focus in on vendors that suit your needs.
— Jonathan Thompson, Engineering Supervisor, Community Electric Cooperative
Having the opportunity to network with cooperative leaders and smart grid technology providers in a structured forum provided valuable insight for my utility in terms of future smart grid initiatives.
— John Graminski, Director of Information Technology, Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc.
This was my first time attending the Summit. Really enjoyed building my knowledge and the networking opportunities available at the summit.
— Skip Spurlin, C&I Accounts, PowerSouth Energy
The summit was very well run and was a good use of my time. The information shared in the Board Room discussions was timely and will help craft the next steps for our Smart Grid deployments.
— Victor Monfort, Director - Smart Grid Program, Jacksonville Electric Authority

City of Chanute

The City of Chanute, Kansas, Public Power Utility  

It’s like drinking from a firehose, you get a lot of information in a short period of time.. but it’s well worth it
— Rick Willis, IT Manager & Finance Director, City of Chanute

Anderson Municipal Light & Power

The City of Anderson, Indiana, Light & Power

The format with the board presentations is tremendous.. It does two things with a 30 min presentation, forces the vendors to focus on their presentation instead of having a two hour meeting at my place and it keeps me from getting bored because there is a new topic every 30 min.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in productivity, efficiency , reducing their power supply costs and especially to my colleagues because it is very informative. I picked up half a dozen ideas.
— Tony Pochard, Director, Anderson Municipal Light & Power